A different Approach

By believing passionately in your child's potential we bring it out. At EUREKA’S WORLD, we give our students the FREEDOM TO THINK and we EMPOWER them TO BE…

At EUREKA’s WORLD, we initiate, inculcate and encourage usage of both the hemispheres of the Brain. We take a holistic “Three-Dimensional Learning” approach to child development. This philosophy is based on three core tenets:

At the base of our Learning pyramid, we have the “Do and Discover” method to nurtureskills for listening and learning by understanding. Maths is made reality based, relevant to every child. Children are encouraged to learn by doing through Do and Discover methods.

In the middle of the Learning pyramid, we encourage “Brainovita” to foster concentration and decision making skills. Learning is supported by enhancing and developing logical and objective thinking abilities.

At the top of the pyramid, we have the “Citizen Kid” to promote sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership abilities.

In every dimension of our pyramid, self-confidence and a proud smile are evident outcomes.

5 elements are needed to make learning interesting !!! and we ensure our programmes make learning fun for your children

1. We make sure that the students enjoy the learning process itself. Learning is encouraged through games and fun is weaved into our complete process.

2. Learn with peers but learn at your own pace. Students learn by observing their peers and collaborating with them. They set benchmarks amongst themselves and reach their set goals but at their suitable pace.

3. For the kids to learn best, challenging them at the right level of age is needed. Learning performances of students are monitored and they are encouraged to be kept in the optimal learning zone.

4. Real time feedback is provided. This way, students learn from their own mistakes while they are still fresh in their minds.

5. Showing them the value. Though difficult, but we need to excite them enough about the value of learning something.