Parents Speak

Where do I start commending Sheetal Mehta and Hemal Dedhia for the great initiative of spreading the usage of Vedic Mathematics. My journey with Eureka World began when my little girl was barely three years, almost five years ago... Ms.Sheetal and Ms. Hemal so painstakingly began teaching the toddler the concept of identifying and sorting. Suddenly, we found the little girl counting even before beginning formal school. Sometime later, my younger daughter found herself sitting through the Vedic Math class. They learnt the Vedic Math chart (akin to the Snakes and ladders game) counting method and creative and interesting ways of Math were soon making their way. The simplicity of the Vedic Mathematics means that calculations were carried out mentally and students were not limited to one ‘correct’ way of doings their Math.

Must admit that there have been challenges understanding why ‘my school teacher teaches me so’ and why Sheetal Miss’ math (Vedic Math) is different. But being a mother to a 8 year and 6 year old; I am satisfied knowing that the girls have been inducted to ‘Mathematics’. Frankly, I take pride in letting all know that they picked up Mathematics somewhere along this journey in a playful environment and for me as a mother I don’t need to dwell on concept building / foundations of the subject.

Thank you Eureka World… wish you all success on your journey.

Eureka’s Class has helped my child gain confidence in math, and she is able to apply the concepts well. It helps her to do her work makes faster n accurately. I thank the team of Eureka for the wonderful help and co-operation put in by them for the progress of my child. Thanku

The course was a good experience for Nysa. She learned to enjoy math and Sheetal is a great teacher!

It's being a very good experience for me having Miss Sheetal as my daughters maths teacher. The 2 years journey has got a big difference in my daughter. She has not only started scoring better in the subject but is also enjoying Maths. I'm very thankful to Sheetal for this massive Change. Sheetal you are too good! Thank you

Uditi Says: Sheetal Ms. taught us very well. All concepts taught were registered in our brains instantly. She was very helpful. Because of Vedic Maths and Miss, I have always got very good marks in my exams.

Aditya says: Vedic Maths helped me in Mental calculations.