Eureka's Team

EUREKA’s World was founded in June 2010 by Sheetal Mehta and Hemal Dedhiain Mumbai.

Sheetal is an Electronics Engineer and Hemal is a Chartered Accountant by profession and their passion for Mathematics gave rise to Eureka’s World.

Sheetal's aim was to establish an education learning centre emphasizing on our motto “Do and Discover”. Her vision for Eureka’s World was that it would complement a child's school experience in a positive way, helping them to succeed not only in the classroom but in their future also.

Hemal wanted children to enjoy at Eureka’s world and make this unique learning experience motivation for the child to come to Eureka’s world. She believes that confidence, enthusiasm and independence are as important as academic progress to a child's development.

The Eureka’s team is supported by highly professional teachers for various learning arenas of Mathematics, Sciences, Chess, Art and other activities.

Constant endeavors are made by the entire team to provide best quality teaching materials and many adapt to the ability of the child so that he/ she is challenged at exactly the right level. We at EUREKA’s World do not educate the child to just learn the FACTS but we train the mind to THINK.