Vedic Maths (GANITA)

Vedic Maths, as the name suggests, owes its origin to the Vedas-the ancient Indian treatise. It is a unique technique of mentally solving any mathematical problem, be it arithmetic, algebra, geometry or trigonometry!The traditional methods are based on rote learning. Children learn a number of rules to be applied to various problems. After a while they find themselves in the mess of rules and do not know which rule to apply when.

It is a misconception that vedic maths cannot be taught at an early age. At an early age their imagination and creativity can be properly developed into a learning process for developing a life-long skill.It is very important for teachers and parents to understand that the difficulties faced by children in context of mathematics is essentially linguistic, not conceptual. The way mathematics is largely taught is very abstract, without any real life connections, as a result of which, children find it difficult to understand the subject. They begin to shy away from it and develop fear and hatred for the subject.

Children can be taught mathematics through various formal and informal activities, thus translation is done from things to activities, from activities to pictures, from pictures to alphanumerics, introduction of number sense etc.At Eureka we use objects, drawings, conceptual language, and real-world situations to help students build mathematical ideas that make sense to them. Vedic Maths helps in arriving at split second solutions to mathematical problems. These mathematical skills would be useful in daily life as well as in competitive examinations like Olympiads, IIT – JEE, CET, CAT, GMAT, GRE etc.